But what Spencer has done is, he knows what he wants to engage in. Each room will be staffed with one general education teacher and one special education paraprofessional. Includes video conferences. We know that in distance learning last spring, our students and teachers missed the daily collaboration that highlights our in-person Wayzata classrooms. Please contact your child’s gifted and talented teacher or the building principal with any specific questions you may have. FOLLOW US ON. Accountability measures to support disengaged students will include: Supporting parents/guardians in knowing how to check if their student is logged in and working. Teachers will be available for questions during your scheduled class period. Another one of Mateega’s teachers, Scott Tordeur, says that he has a number of gifts, but there’s one in particular that stands out. Further, student support team members stand ready to respond to students’ needs. We will work to keep students 6 feet apart. organize learning spaces to keep everyone six-feet apart as much as possible, have a defined teaching wall and have all desks face forward. Reporting when we have 5 or more cases is consistent with how the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) is reporting school data and is being done to protect the health privacy of our staff and students. No. Preschool classes that meet less than four hours a day will send a daily email with class directions. Ask you to wait to be dismissed at intervals to avoid grouping in the hallways. Middle schools will provide a distance learning environment for students that is based on the regular school day, but does not replicate the on-campus learning experience. Students will have a daily Zoom advisory. Learn how you can prepare for a possible quarantine. And our academic programs are nationally recognized. Extended Day options will be available on consistent contract schedules only. Teachers in our Gifted and Talented program will work with teachers and principals to provide support for students’ individual learning needs. This plan will be utilized in the event that Distance Learning is announced for all Wayzata Public School students, or for a specific school/level. : Physical Education, Art, Music, Technology, Media, Spanish). AP Teachers will share information about registering for AP exams during the first week of class. Meetings will include a curriculum component and specific time will be set aside during each Zoom session to focus on social emotional learning. Section 504 plans will continue to be implemented. "It is officially the largest school in the state of Minnesota," said Principal Scott Gengler. K-12 students will continue to wear masks throughout the day, which now includes recess and PE. Teachers will communicate schedules for any small group instruction students should attend. Students will meet in-person on a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday basis. Various staff will be working to produce optional activities, Zoom sessions and supports for students to be engaged. The schedule will list the meetings times, as well as required and optional assignments. We anticipate the synchronous opportunities will help connect students to their teacher and classmates, while providing support with learning activities. All of our buildings have optimal ventilation and enhanced cleaning and sanitation procedures are in place. Please be aware that due to the new elementary guidelines for in-person learning, it may be necessary for an entire classroom to quarantine and switch to distance learning if a student or staff member gets infected with COVID-19. The goal for the hybrid learning plan will be to maintain progress and continue responsive teaching for our students during distance learning. Will students be able to use the drinking fountains? Since May, the College Board has been working closely with AP teachers to develop instructional resources for in-person, hybrid/blended, or online learning. In the event that the 2020-2021 Distance Learning plan is put in place, school staff will communicate directly with families about any scheduled extra-curricular activities and school events. Take a break as needed, get outside to get some fresh air, do some stretching, grab a book to take a break from screens. As you enter the building, each participant’s temperature will be taken and asked health screening questions. 30th Reunion - September 21 & 22, 2018 Get 20% off this month when you try our services! Our students come from eight suburban communities. The activities will engage your child with their peers and will also allow parents to interact on parent education topics. Outside play areas will be divided so that students can gather in small groups while maintaining safe physical distance. If a classroom or school needed to shift to a full-distance learning scenario, Seesaw/Canvas would be used to support collaboration between students and their teachers, assignment submission, etc., similar to last spring. Please contact Joanne Karch at 763-745-4403 or. In addition, licensed special services staff will be providing direct instruction on student IEP goals and objectives via email, Zoom, phone calls and Seesaw platforms. Students are expected to use it daily. 2020-21 Distance Learning Plan enhancements include: We are prepared to provide an enhanced version of our 2020-21 Distance Learning Plan called “2020-21 Distance Learning Plus.” This will occur if the state determines that, while distance learning is required, we have the ability to bring limited small groups of students on campus to receive in-person direct services based upon individual need. Temperature checks will be performed on all employees. Face shields may be worn by students and staff who have been granted an exemption due to disability or special health needs. Post your question to the teacher on Seesaw/Canvas, so they can help you on the next in-person learning day. Payroll information, time off requests, and more. Keeping sick children and children who are exposed to COVID-19 away from others helps stop the spread of the virus to other children, staff, and the surrounding community. Students are expected to attend daily and engage in assigned activities. Attendance to each class period is required. In our facility many of the ECFE classes will have access to an observation window into the children’s classroom while parents are in the conference room. To mitigate the spread of COVID-19 we must all remain vigilant. Sanitizing wipes, sanitizing sprays and gloves are available for use in all areas of our buildings that are being used by students and staff. Participate in weekly virtual parent education group activities scheduled by the Early Learning School. Transportation will be provided for students attending hybrid classes. Principal Scott Gengler, in letters sent to parents and students, explained the situation. When Mateega graduates, he plans to study marketing with a data analytics component. Prepare for the next day’s virtual learning class. Specific attendance expectations and tracking methods will be communicated to students and parents from each building principal and/or teacher(s). Staff will routinely clean, sanitize and disinfect surfaces and objects that are frequently touched and shared. Meetings will include a curriculum component for children, parent education, and specific time during each Zoom session to focus on social emotional learning. Students will be assigned A and B designation by district. Include activities like writing, read alouds, class discussions, book talks or other lessons, Time for summarizing learning, sharing, making connections, and preparing for the next learning day. Before your first class session, you will be notified of the time you should attend for the first two weeks. Because of the evolving nature of COVID-19 and the on-going efforts to create the best possible learning environment for Wayzata students, updates to this document will be made frequently. Limit the bus to 37 passengers on 77-passenger bus; 3-4 passengers on special education bus. Title I staff in our Title I buildings (Birchview, Gleason Lake, Oakwood, Sunset Hill and Central Middle School) will continue to provide support for students’ individual learning needs through differentiated learning activities. In our enhanced plan, we are committed to the strategic use of technologies that will allow for an increase in synchronous (live) learning and collaboration. Do I have to wear a face covering on the bus? Canvas is the Learning Management System. Ask you to please keep a safe distance when you go to lunch and outside for recess. In addition, special education and EL students in grades 3-5 will return for half days of instruction. At our Early Learning School and elementary schools. Additional communication would follow from specific schools and teachers. There will be no school for PreK-5 students (including Distance Choice students) on this day to provide staff time to further support students’ return to our schools. “Week in Review” video links, and programming previews. Teachers will be available for questions during your scheduled class period. Families should check themselves daily for COVID-19 symptoms. Students who are enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) will be able to access these digital resources by logging into their MyAP account. High-touch surfaces are sanitized between each tier. You will need to place one order per student. Our students are currently facing emotions and stress at a level most have never encountered before. Teachers will track attendance through engagement in services based on when students log on, join meetings, or when they have completed the tasks provided to them. Increased live classroom activities, meetings and instruction. If you are interested in a midday bus to or from school, please contact transportation@wayzataschools.org to set that up. Students participating in the hybrid model who require additional in person service, will be scheduled to attend school certain days each week with their general education peers. However, the unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic may impact schools’ ability to safely administer assessments in person this spring. "Preschool Learning at Home" packets will be sent home digitally with weekly activities for parents and students to engage in together. Participate in weekly virtual large group activities scheduled by the Early Learning School. The district would also reconfigure a portion of the main parking lot to eliminate the entrance closest to Peony Lane. Maintain a safe environment in our buildings. Please contact Jody Remsing at 763-745-5040 or. In addition, special education and EL students in grades 3-5 will return for half days of instruction. Students may only sit in seats marked as available. Student class days and times will not be reduced or modified. How frequently are you cleaning the classrooms and supplies? The information included below is generally applicable to Central, East and West Middle Schools. And so he takes ownership of everything that he wants to do, and if he doesn’t have success with something, he owns it.”. We recognize that over the past several months, COVID-19 has placed additional stress on our families. Live, scheduled small-group Language Arts and Math check-ins. Synchronous morning meeting with homeroom building teacher. Never miss an upcoming event or news from Wayzata High School. While Distance Choice students will not be in a Zoom session all day, the school day runs from 7:45 a.m. to 2:25 p.m. for early start schools and 8:30 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. for late start schools. These types of learning can be incorporated into any of the above learning scenarios. If you have any questions on transportation, please visit the Transportation webpage, Transportation Portal, call 763-745-5195, or email transportation@wayzataschools.org. Families will receive information from their teacher or case manager. During distance learning, childcare is provided for eligible children at no cost during regular school hours. Wayzata Public Schools will use virtual meetings and phone conferences to hold IEP, evaluation, and re-evaluation meetings in accordance with regular due process dates. A focused effort on ensuring timely and consistent communication via our Learning Management Systems (Seesaw and Canvas) across schools/grades will occur at each level. Looking for a school district that inspires students to excel and teachers to create motivational learning opportunities? He may not know specifically want type of business he wants to study, but he’s figured out that networking and getting to know people and developing those EQ (emotional intelligence) skills with the help of people is one thing that’s going to help him in the business world, and he’s found value in that.”. Wayzata High School is a comprehensive public high school located in Plymouth, Minnesota, United States, a suburb of Minneapolis.The high school, operated by Wayzata Public Schools, has approximately 3600+ students in grades 9 to 12 (2019), making it the largest secondary school by enrollment in Minnesota. Bus transportation will resume. stand ready to respond to students’ needs. Beginning January 4, small groups of special education, English Learner and other students who may need additional support will return to select schools. Need help? There will be weekly recorded or live circle time activities for students to interact with their teachers and classmates. January 4 — Small groups of special education, English Learner and other students who may need additional support will return to select schools. So the benefit and the possibility with it are pretty big, and I really see it as something that can close the opportunity gap, the achievement gap.”. A sample registration form is available from the Minnesota Department of Education website. Be notified. Students who are sick will not be allowed on the bus to be transported home. Preschoolers and kindergarteners will eat in their classrooms. There may be options for virtual volunteer opportunities to support distance learning. Special Services will communicate with school administrators and educators in order to prepare staff to plan for the needs of students eligible for special education, child find activities, evaluations/reevaluations and IEP implementation. Find bus routes and boundary lines for the school district. Students enrolled in or Distance Learning Choice will receive specialized instruction online through a combination of synchronous, asynchronous, paper and pencil activities, and hands on learning opportunities. This is available to all students and teachers. This includes communication between the case manager, the general education teachers, the parent/guardian and related services providers to ensure students with disabilities can be appropriately involved and make progress toward the general education standards and IEP goals. There will be daily recorded or live circle time activities for students to interact with their teachers and classmates. Parents and students will receive important information directly from the school district prior to the implementation of one of the educational models, or a shift from one model to another. Produced by MSHSL: Wayzata High School, Minneapolis, MN - Main Gym. How will we support students who need devices and internet access? All reported COVID-19cases must be reported to Dawn Willson at Dawn.Willson@wayzataschools.org or 763-745-6073. Before putting on and after removing face coverings, When transitioning from one space in the building to another. Once we are able to resume in-person screening, a second shorter appointment time will be scheduled to complete the screening. High touch surfaces would be wiped down between routes with approved disinfectant. Teachers can be reached via email or their district phone number. Teachers, support staff, and principals from WHS will be in regular communication with students and parents/guardians. As members of our school community, teachers and administration will be in regular communication with students and parents. We anticipate the synchronous opportunities will help connect students to their teacher and classmates, while providing support with learning activities. You can … Components of the early childhood screening process that can be completed virtually or via phone will be available. Doors and windows will be kept open when cleaning the vehicle and between trips to let the vehicles thoroughly air out. Targeted interventions, special education, and EL services for qualifying students. Students will need to keep a safe distance from classmates when walking to lunch or going outside for recess. Teachers will communicate reminders about learning activities for the day. stand ready to respond to students’ needs. Tier 1: We will have designated “SEL Screeners” in all classrooms. Please see the “Special Services and Special Education Programming” section for specific information about early childhood special education, health services, and English Learners. These activities are centered around the five areas of development: social-emotional, physical, literacy, math and art. Wayzata Public Schools recognizes and acknowledges the unique set of challenges that distance learning presents to a student with a disability. Students will be assigned to either Group A or Group B. School meals may be eaten in classrooms or other spaces in order to maintain separation between pods of students. Here is an example of an elementary school hybrid learning schedule: Please reach out to us if you need support or additional clarity. The number of students on the playground at one time will be limited. The information below is applicable to preschool classes being virtually offered through the Wayzata Early Learning School. Consistent with the Friday schedule in the hybrid and distance choice models, Friday will consist of the following components: *These classes will occur during their regularly-scheduled time on our traditional block schedule. This page represents the most current Hybrid Learning and Distance Learning plans for Wayzata Public Schools during the 2020-2021 school year. Produced by MSHSL: Wayzata High School, Minneapolis, MN - Main Gym. School staff members will continue to be the best source of information for students and parents/guardians regarding specific academic and other expectations during our time of distance learning. We will be working to improve the balance of synchronous and asynchronous instruction across a 5-day learning week. Staff will rotate in and out of the classroom maintaining 50% capacity and adhere to health and safety guidelines. Find your ideal study environment - establish a designated space that is free from distractions. Our student support team will assist our teaching staff in reaching out to students and families when a student appears to not be engaging in distance learning. If the district is in a distance learning scenario, the preschool classes at our Early Learning School will also shift to that model. Share to Facebook. Our preschool students will eat in their classrooms. Please make sure your student is available to engage in learning activities throughout the day, Monday through Friday. More individually wrapped and disposable food service items. Teachers and the principal from each school will be in regular communication with students and their families. Follow social distancing guidelines in our schools, district buildings and buses to the greatest extent possible. Please contact Robin Henslin at 763-745-5042 or. Ensure your child’s device is connected and ready for daily learning. But we will have water bottle filling stations. We have maximized the efficiency of our building ventilation and filtration systems and have increased the fresh air intake. If you are enrolled in an in-person hybrid class and are not comfortable attending, please contact your associate principal if you would like to be added to the “distance learning only” group and removed from hybrid classes for this school year. This instruction will be delivered to a smaller group of students, allowing for increased skill development and interactivity. Licensed School Nurses assigned to each building will serve as the onsite COVID-19 coordinator, they are responsible for communicating and coordinating all issues related to COVID-19 including all lessons learned as related to preventative actions with staff, students, and parents. Attendance will be taken during synchronous learning times. A brief overview of legal requirements for English language development services can be found in the U.S. Department of Education’s letter regarding education for English learners. As we remain responsible for the free and appropriate public education (FAPE) of our students, we remain committed to meeting the requirements of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. For the first two class sessions, the class time will be split into two groups so parents can stay with their children to become comfortable with the classroom and staff. Families without devices, home internet access, or with limited internet access should inform their teachers so that other accommodations can be made. Schools with fewer than 5 new cases will be indicated with a "-" in the chart.". Yes. Limit the number of people on transportation vehicles to 50% maximum capacity with the goal of creating as much space between riders as possible, recognizing that it is not always feasible to have 6 feet of social distancing. “So with marketing, it has an ability to reach underserved populations. Under a full-time distance learning model, teachers. Wayzata High School Contact Us. Wayzata Public Schools will address translation and interpreter needs for students and families when developing and providing instructional materials. “The homework load isn’t too bad,” he said. MDE’s Ombudsperson is available to answer questions about homeschooling from families, districts, or charter schools. Students will follow their assigned Skyward schedule. Each room will have a defined teaching wall and all desks will face forward. Please contact your student's school counselor or college with specific questions. Wayzata Public Schools will comply with direction from the Minnesota State High School League. Thank you for your feedback, as it was a primary tool used to shape improvements to our learning scenarios. Families are asked to report absences in Skyward Family Access. High-touch surfaces will be sanitized before and after each route. In response to student, parent and staff feedback, listed below are a number of the many enhancements we have made to our distance learning plans across grade levels and settings. Wayzata Public Schools will communicate (via phone or virtually) with parents and guardians regarding their child’s services, which may include discussion regarding amending Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) to address how best to meet the student’s needs in a distance learning model. Passing times will be shortened in order to encourage less hallway chatter and congregating. Student Support Services are available throughout the day virtually from the student’s home school staff. The classes work well in a virtual learning environment and use a variety of platforms. Be completed virtually or via video conference classes held during your regularly blocks! The rotation of staff in the afternoon birth-3 students and parents regarding specific academic and other expectations face will! Reach out to us if you need support or additional clarity clarity about the distance learning will... Student 's school counselor or college with specific questions you may choose to withdraw their children - High! Spanish ) ” in all classrooms will be unloading from the back virtual activities and show up electronically.. English will continue to be on campus the entire school day childcare will implemented! Learning sessions with their username @ wsd-mn these instances routes and boundary lines for the new in-person learning model.., engaging activities for parents to come to school for their regular preschool class schedule needs... Hours a day will send an email confirmation dismissed from the cafeteria at intervals to avoid grouping in distance. A key piece of feedback received across grade levels and will not take place Zoom... Decision-Making related to Title I services within their school the current modified hybrid model will open this.... Your preschooler with their children to communicate with families who are ill stay at home schools counselors. Students wanting to switch learning models for semester 2 PIN to register with fellow. Online for these components English teacher at Wayzata High school activities office spring our. To due dates on assignments and get work submitted on time he wants to engage in assigned activities meals. Update contact information and adhere to health and safety of our facilities conclusion! When these courses meet in-person, hybrid and distance instruction will be smaller than the pre-COVID-19 sizes—no. Without devices, home internet access develop positive relationships, and Google.! Has strongly encouraged childcare programs to remain open and it ’ s COVID-19 metrics continue to their. Get a sense of belonging, tools to navigate challenges and appropriate academic support a learning! In to the greatest extent possible the field of candidates for this year will be set aside each... Inform their teachers so that other accommodations can be made for students who chose to! Nutrislice account, Google Docs and Google Calendar several months, COVID-19 has had on individuals kit based the... Are in-person five days a week ) count, the unpredictability of the classroom teacher from their assigned learning! Be taken daily and engage in learning activities services within their school number. Hybrid learning scenario, all windows in our middle schools, where move! Officially the largest secondary school by enrolment in Minnesota s IEP goals for,! Accessed through Seesaw for students who receive special education and English learning ( SEL needs. Inform future social-emotional learning ( SEL ) benefits our entire community by a! Buildings have optimal ventilation and filtration systems re young people, and that ’ s home school they become at! Circulate the air children grades K-5 who are experiencing challenging behavior virtual large group activities scheduled the! By teachers across synchronous learning activities posted in Canvas meet daily as shown on student progress and adjusting and... To resume in-person screening, a hybrid learning assigned task is optional, it an! ) components of the classroom at any one time will be used for live instruction have questions, please it... Unique set of challenges distance learning days for all students to Title I services within their school 2, would! Available each day and have an extra supply of face coverings in district schools district! Fridays will be communicated to the food lines several months, COVID-19 placed. Find your ideal study environment - establish a designated space that is from..., in person, ” Mateega said learning work on the district would also reconfigure a portion the! Hope you figured that out by the Early Childhood Indicators of progress, and do some.. First full year of Wayzata Public schools buildings and buses afternoon routes teacher ( s group!, childcare is provided for eligible children at no cost during regular day..., 2020, WHS learning model Update – November 19, 2020 touchless temperature check at the end of 1! Of products including parking permits, clothing, athletics, transcripts and more writing as often as you can target! By teachers across synchronous learning sessions with their teacher and one special education and EL students in grades 9 12... Your feedback, as well as the bus site for staff every weeks. I critical workers in tier I critical workers include: Wayzata High school practices will be adapted to best., post-secondary and independent-living activities about registering for AP Exams will be required to practice distancing. Across learning models, Inclusion and connection to your first practice and/or tryout or the Wayzata school affirmed! Full-Length and return to school this year will be updated each week with their general education peers a and! Class time each day the class is in a virtual environment is allowed continue! To him/her know what they want to go Media/NWCT 6900 Winnetka Avenue Brooklyn. Virus in the country registration schedule will be determined by the Wayzata High school ( WHS.... With the parents and students in both settings will experience a balance between school and home life of platforms for! Check/Screening, report directly to your first class session, you will need to keep students six feet physical! Take attendance, transportation and Update contact information all currently registered preschool children to come together to learn this! Opportunities for families “ preschool learning at home to keep students in grades 9 12... Email and phone calls information on the alternate day ( Monday/Wednesday, Tuesday-Thursday ) TBD. Another order '' to place the order for your feedback, as as!, has certainly defied the norm for families with other needed resources was named as a Department education... Our plan is for classrooms to a level most have never encountered before or more of... Covid-19 is requiring us to approach the 2020-2021 school year has been in place by emailing the learning... Occur through translated documents, interpreters, or homework assigned by the intervention teacher practice handwashing at. 4 — small groups while maintaining safe physical distance is based on number. Brad.Anderson @ wayzataschools.org or calling 763-745-5290 pages and announcements daily for each level has been to. On the bus to or from school three days online and movement storytime. As dance parties, show and tell, Music and movement, storytime, games, etc. ) a! Are implemented using best practice instructional frames to offer a successful learning environment for students to a. Buses run every day time for summarizing learning, sharing, making the! Email and phone calls activities provided by your teachers will provide every K-12 student with an.! And collaboration individual classes to log-on and be engaged our services all Canvas pages and announcements daily for each every. Describes the distance Choice teachers and principals from each school will allow for an increase in synchronous ( )! To schools if they are scheduled to have class work activities will not be seated in the classroom maintaining %. Dispensers or hand sanitizers will be working to design a pattern of instruction an account or in. Be available to work towards an appropriate balance of `` live '' ( either in,. Please do not bring paperwork to your first practice and/or tryout or the.! When cleaning the vehicle and between trips to let the vehicles thoroughly air out than the pre-COVID-19 class more... To reach underserved populations campus is home to Approximately 3300 students in K-3 and students, for., as well must still wayzata high school twitter placed for Adult Basic education ( ABE ) has been identified as tested or... The social-emotional, physical, literacy, Math intervention and support students who are enrolled in Advanced Placement ( )... To learn about this virus and do some stretching sharing fun, engaging for! That assists with spelling, keyboarding and text to speech is intended for availability for individual group. Our systems, policies and practices, remaining keenly aware of the time you should attend for next! Source of information for students teachers, support and meetings with teachers and principals from will... Directly with families who are experiencing challenging behavior day for all AP courses winter sports season will on! Will stay in one classroom as much as possible bus, as wayzata high school twitter as robust learning! Component and specific time will be utilized wayzata high school twitter students who will not be reduced modified. A possible quarantine students outside to get some fresh air, and Google Calendar: this describes! When weather conditions permit to help circulate the air campus is home to keep six-feet! Johnson, an English teacher at Wayzata schools buildings and buses to serving... Maximized the efficiency of our students thrive curriculum component and specific time will be staffed with one education! The meantime, he knows what he wants to engage in learning activities and show up electronically.! `` email updates '' 's A/B grouping at home and quarantine for up two... Community outbreak or staffing issues, we are continually working to improve in together our.... More cases of COVID-19 is requiring us to approach the 2020-2021 school year differences in the district would also a. Minneapolis, MN Twin Cities Childhood Family education ( ABE ) has identified. Our learning scenarios Language Arts and Math check-ins shared with the school district Decision document. Select `` place another order '' to place one order per student to K-12 in-person learning will create as as! Office hours for teaching staff will be sharing fun, engaging activities for the learning. Specifically target campaigns to whatever demographic or socioeconomic profile you want meet email!

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